Meet Sirce 

Owner & Floral Designer

In 2015 I was given an amazing opportunity to work with Simply Elegant by Diana, where I not only got to be a part of planning gorgeous occasions, but I developed a passion for creating beautiful flower arrangements and making my clients’ dreams a reality!


It took this experience to make me realize that I have always loved flowers, ever since I was a young child. I was always drawing and cutting out flowers for my mother. I was always fascinated by mixing and matching different colors and types of flowers, and now it brings me so much joy to be able to put beautiful floral arrangements together for your special day, whatever it may be!

 Flowers are romantic and classically beautiful, and perhaps they remind me of happy times and positive memories. They fill the room with elegance and style. There is so much warmth in the right floral arrangements, they bring sunshine to the indoors. Beautiful combinations of flowers always bring a smile to your face, and I enjoy making people feel happy and loved.

When I am not creating beautiful flower arrangements, I am at home spending time with my family, trying new foods, traveling and enjoying music and art!